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About TopLash — The World’s Best Eyelash Serum

At TopLash, we are starting a revolution. A revolution against broken, damaged, and short eyelashes and eyebrows. We formulated our product to bring lasting results with little effort on your part. Through research and scientific data, we created a powerful formula that enhances your natural eyelashes and eyebrows.

Our Story

TopLash LP is based in Dublin, Ireland but ships throughout the UK and the US. Our goal to bring women around the world a better eyelash serum that produces lasting results was the inspiration behind our brand. After much trial and error, we perfected our eyelash serum formula.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing you with a reliable product that produces consistent results fast. Coupled with premium customer service and fast delivery times, everything we do is designed to satisfy you.

For questions or comments about TopLash, please reach out to us directly via our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

Looking through sites on the web that are dedicated to cosmetics, you can often stumble upon the name Toplash. Many users write positive reviews about the cosmetics themselves, and how well they fit. But still, you should pay some attention to the Toplash and tell us how cosmetics differ from similar products. Why have many users already switched to Toplash products and forgotten about other cosmetics?

Toplash was founded in Dublin, Ireland. But already today, the company's cosmetics are sold almost all over the world. Toplash believes that everyone deserves to use their unique cosmetics.

The very first thing to say is the effectiveness of each product. Exactly. The Toplash company does not produce products just to be. Each product undergoes dozens of inspections during which the effectiveness of the product is proven. The company's laboratories develop unique formulas based on the use of natural components and innovative scientific achievements.

In addition, it should be mentioned that all products are completely safe to use. Before the release of products to the market, the company undergoes inspections at various levels to make sure that the product will not be able to harm the health of customers. Cosmetics should take care of their owners and not spoil the skin or eyelashes.

An individual approach to each client is what distinguishes Toplash. The company is confident that there is nothing better than natural beauty. Toplash products are aimed only at maintaining the existing beauty, but not at changing in any way.

The policy of Toplash company is based on the principle that beauty should be available to every woman. That is why the company's products can be bought at an adequate price.

So, the principles of Toplash: efficiency, safety, and accessibility!


I must say, this serum is like a powerful booster for eyelash growth. It has been a remarkable five weeks since I started using it, and I have witnessed astonishing lash growth. Not only have my eyelashes become noticeably thicker, but I haven't experienced a single lash falling out. One aspect that sets this product apart is its gentle formula, as it doesn't cause any stinging sensation in my eyes like other eyelash serums on the market. I am genuinely delighted with the results achieved thus far, and without a doubt, I will continue using this exceptional serum.


Published: Feb 10, 2022