Toplash fix & grow brow gel

The transparent eyebrow gel is a long-lasting solution for over 24 hours. It helps to make eyebrows denser, stronger, and darker by compacting the structure of the hairs. In addition, it fixes the shape of the eyebrows for the entire day. For maximum effect, it perfectly matches the Toplash Lash and Brow serum.

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Perfect brows all day long

The active ingredients in the gel such as Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17, organic castor oil, and aloe vera extract penetrate deep into hair follicles and envelop the entire length of each hair strand. This moisturizes and nourishes them completely. The molecular formula provides maximum health benefits and supplements each hair from root to tip with essential nutrients. This stimulates active growth and strengthens the hair structure overall.

Use our innovative eyebrow gel to tame wayward eyebrows, thicken over-groomed or plucked brows, colored them with low-quality products, or nourish thin and dull eyebrow hair. Toplash Fix and Grow Brow Gel not only helps to fix applied cosmetics for a perfect look, but it also helps to grow healthy and beautiful eyebrows at the same time.

For maximum results, use Toplash Lash and Brow before bed and Fix and Grow gel in the daytime. You can apply the gel in two or more layers. It does not leave a white coating or any residue behind. Your eyebrows look naturally shiny and well-groomed all day long.

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The serum has been lab-tested and proven to be absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.

European quality

Every Toplash product is manufactured in the European Union with full COA and CPNP certification.

Guaranteed Effects

All products are fully tested and show noticeable results for the vast majority of women.

What makes Fix & Grow gel unique?

When we first thought about the perfect eyebrow gel, we imagined a multi-purpose product that appeals to everyone who dreams of perfect brow style combined with intensive care.

That is how Toplash Fix and Grow clear brow gel was created. We believe every person has an individual sense of beauty, and we only want to highlight what nature has gifted to you.

Toplash eyebrow gel Common eyebrow gel
Hypoallergenic formula
All-natural ingredients
2-in-1 formula
Safe for eyes and sensitive skin

How does the 90-day guarantee work?

It's simple. If you are not satisfied with the product or results, we will refund the full purchase price. We always do what it takes to improve your experience with Toplash.

Why do we offer such a strong guarantee?

Making every customer happy is our main priority. With this goal in mind, we produce only high-quality products that satisfies their needs. If you are not satisfied, we want to know about it. Every honest review helps us make our products better.



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Toplash fix & grow brow gel

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