How did the Toplash brand we know today come about?

Toplash Cosmetics is a brand came from Dublin, Ireland. Now, it is available in the EU, US, South America, Asia.

Our mission is to highlight your individuality. Each product of the brand line follows this idea.

Our experts develop cosmetics, following the philosophy of minimalism, reasonable consumption, and healthy compositions.

About TopLash — The World’s Best Eyelash Serum

At TopLash, we are starting a revolution. A revolution against broken, damaged, and short eyelashes and eyebrows. We formulated our product to bring lasting results with little effort on your part. Through research and scientific data, we created a powerful formula that enhances your natural eyelashes and eyebrows.

Our Story

TopLash LP is based in Dublin, Ireland but ships throughout the UK and the US. Our goal to bring women around the world a better eyelash serum that produces lasting results was the inspiration behind our brand. After much trial and error, we perfected our eyelash serum formula.

Our Mission

For questions or comments about TopLash, please reach out to us directly via our contact page. We would love to hear from you.