• Toplash Fix & Grow Brow gel

Toplash Fix & Grow Brow gel

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  • $24.00

A transparent gel for eyebrows lasting over 24 hours. Makes eyebrows denser, strengthens their growth, compacts the structure of the hairs, and makes them darker. Also fixes the shape of eyebrows for the entire day. Perfectly matches the night serum Toplash lash & brow booster to achieve the maximum effect. 


Indications for use:

Short, light, and rare hairs of the eyebrows. Also great for unruly and curly eyebrows.


Evenly distribute the agent from roots to ends of the eyebrows using a silicone applicator. Use the side of the applicator with short bristles to increase volume and mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows.

Use the side with long bristles to increase wet effect or to make the eyebrows more sculptural and showy. Can be applied separately, or on top of other products for eyebrows as a finishing touch.