Toplash lash and brow booster XL — 6ml

Toplash serum to stimulate growth and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows.
Stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, increases their growth cycle and prevents their loss. Increases the length, volume and density of your eyelashes and eyebrows.
Solution for external application.

Indications for use:

Short, thin and brittle eyelashes. Eyelashes weakened after build-up or disease. Rare, light and thin eyebrows. Eyebrows after permanent make-up or tattoo.


Before use wash off any make-up and remove contact lenses, if any. Using the applicator, apply the serum on the line of growth of the upper lashes and / or on the line of growth of the eyebrows. To achieve the desired result, apply the agent no more than once a day, preferably 1 hour before bedtime. Avoid contact of the applicator with your eyes.

After two months of using the serum daily, when your eyelashes and eyebrows reach their maximum length and density, you can reduce the frequency of application to 2-3 times a week.

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Visible results in record time!

Amazing results! I see a real difference in my lashes. After giving birth, my lashes were not as thick anymore. I had a bunch of unlucky lash extension experiences that left my lash line so weak. Then I decided to give this serum a try. It is totally worth it! Within one-month, Toplash serum transformed my lashes and made them rich, long, and strong again.

Kellie K.

Main ingredients

Why Choose Toplash


The serum has been lab-tested and proven to be absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.

European quality

Every Toplash product is manufactured in the European Union with full COA and CPNP certification.

A natural alternative to lash extensions.

Grow your own natural long lashes in just twenty-one days. No need for eyelash extensions.

Toplash Serum Benefits:

In 10 Days

Nourishes eyelashes and eyebrows and activates new hair growth in just 10 days

In 25 Days

Promotes richer, vivid color and thickness for your eyelashes and eyebrows in 25 days

In 60 Days

Provides eyelashes and eyebrows with maximum length, volume, and strength in 60 days

What Makes Toplash Unique?

Our formula is based on Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, a compound that supports natural hair renewal and makes the hair growth phase last longer.

It helps your eyelashes grow thicker, longer, richer, and healthier.

Toplash serum Hormone drops
Hypoallergenic formula
Natural hair growth
Long-term results
Safe for eyes and sensitive skin
Guaranteed results

How does the 90-day guarantee work?

It's simple. If you are not satisfied with the product or results, we will refund the full purchase price. We always do what it takes to improve your experience with Toplash.

Why do we offer such a strong guarantee?

Making every customer happy is our main priority. With this goal in mind, we produce only high-quality products that satisfies their needs. If you are not satisfied, we want to know about it. Every honest review helps us make our products better.



How much do beautiful eyelashes cost?

Lash extensions:

Classic lash extensions cost $30 to $40 or more.

On top of this initial expense, you need to refill your lashes every two or three weeks. This costs an additional $20-25 for classic lashes or $30-35 for volume lashes.

  • $20-25 for Classic lashes;
  • $30-35 for Volume lashes.

This means you will pay more than $70 to maintain your lash extensions every month.

When Using Toplash Instead:

One bottle of the Toplash serum lasts for three full months. When you calculate the cost of monthly serum treatments, it comes out to less than $9.22. Undoubtedly, you can save a lot of money by using this product instead of purchasing lash extensions.

With lash extensions -

more than $70 every month

With Toplash -

less than $9.22 every month

No risk. Only reliability!

Enjoy free delivery on orders over $30

Easy refunds

90-day guarantee

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Toplash lash and brow booster XL — 6ml

$120.00 $49.00