Naturalness is a new eyelash trend. Natural hair colors and the length of eyelashes will take the palm of the championship this year.

The extreme shape, length and thickness of eyelashes are a thing of the past. The eyes of a porcelain doll are no longer relevant.

This year, many will emphasize their natural beauty.

To understand which eyelash extensions to choose, let's look at the basic technologies and types. Depending on the preferences of a woman and taking into account the shape of her face and eyes, the lashmaker selects one or another type of build-up for a lady.

What is the new eyelash trend?

There are four types of extension:

  • Extension of corners. In this case, the eyelashes are glued from the outer edge to the middle part of the eye, while the length of the false hairs should decrease.
  • Incomplete build-up. In this case, one artificial hair is glued through several natural ones. Thanks to this method, the effect of separately grown cilia is obtained. The length of artificial hairs should be as close as possible to the length of natural ones.
  • Full build-up. One artificial hair is glued to each natural hair. This type of extension is considered the most popular.
  • Build-up in 2-6 rows. This type of extension involves sticking 2-6 artificial eyelashes on each of your eyelashes and is suitable for bright and spectacular women.
Effects of eyelash extensions

Effects of eyelash extensions depending on the shape of the curl

  • J. This is a small curl, the hairs are almost straight. They are used to make the look natural. As a rule, they are fixed only in a certain part of the century.
  • B. Also a small curl, allows you to get light curls that look natural. They are used to achieve the effect of naturalness.
  • With. These are medium-grade curls. Such lashes are the most popular. With their help, they achieve an open look. At the same time, they look quite natural.
  • D. This curl is great for creating a festive image.
  • L. is the strongest curl.

Often, those who have never grown eyelashes think that this procedure is necessarily accompanied by a significant increase in their length. Of course, long eyelashes are the key to a chic look. But this does not mean that you should choose the biggest ones. The main thing is that they look harmonious.

The average length of natural eyelashes is 7-10 mm. Different people have different quality of them. It is determined by the information embedded in the genes. In addition, it also depends on nationality. When choosing which eyelashes to build up and what effect you need, consider how your eyes are set. If they are a little bulging, then too long hairs are not needed. Now short extended eyelashes (slightly longer than natural ones) are fashionable. This is due to the fact that from the build-up, as a rule, they want to get an expressive and at the same time natural look.

But you can get luxurious, long and voluminous eyelashes without extensions. The eyelash serum will help to grow eyelashes. In addition, they will become healthier. Toplash serum is an innovative approach. No need to spoil the eyelashes or undergo complex procedures. Just use the serum before going to bed and in a few months you will get dream eyelashes.

Big eyelash trend:

  • The length of the extended eyelashes is close to natural
  • Optimal density without overkill
  • Natural color (brown and lighter shades are popular for blondes)
  • Without rhinestones and other frills
  • Form – classic or fox

The main task of the master is to make the look expressive while maintaining naturalness.

The main task of the master is to make the look expressive

In 2022, the following techniques and forms lost their popularity dramatically:

  • The Kim Kardashian effect, in which the longest artificial eyelashes with extreme bending were used.
  • Hollywood build-up. The effect is unnatural, and the eyelashes themselves look bulky. Too lush and dense – not fashionable!
  • Rhinestones. Anything unnatural is removed. We remove everything that weighs down the look.
Despite the fashion trends, do not forget about your uniqueness and individuality!
It is not always worth listening to fashion

Despite the fashion trends, do not forget about your uniqueness and individuality! It is not always worth listening to fashion. If you like your image, stick to it and stay beautiful in your ampoule.

Long eyelash trend

Beautiful, long, lush eyelashes have been held at the top of the main beauty trends for several seasons in a row. And this is not surprising. They add femininity to the image, make the look more open, flirtatious, mysterious. It may seem unusual for someone, but trends in the eyelash segment are updated regularly.

Now let's talk about the effects that are popular this season. Fashionistas who are just going to resort to the build-up procedure for the first time will be pleased to know how many options they have to choose from.

So, how does the master choose the curl for each client?
  • Rays is a new eyelash trend 2022. Fashionable in 2022, extended eyelashes do not necessarily have to be the same size. By the way, celebrities often resort to this technique. For example, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. To make the design even more expressive, choose the longest eyelashes in a contrasting color.
  • Wet effect. A mega-popular trend today. Its main purpose is to give density to rare natural eyelashes.
  • Fox effect. Incredibly beautiful, intriguing, playful. The peculiarity of the fox cilia is the visual elongation of the outer edge of the eyelid.
  • Cocktail. A very interesting and creative effect. This type of build-up does not belong to the classic. Eyelashes-2022 today have taken the direction of fashion trends that tend to naturalness. To get the perfect cocktail effect. The length of the lash should be small, and the density should be acceptable. But without fanaticism! This option is not suitable for women with a narrow slit of the eyes.
  • Unicorn and ombre. The color build-up looks stylish for young people.
  • Thin. As we have said more than once, fashion-2022 tends to naturalness. And here, elegant, thin eyelashes with a barely noticeable lamination effect will come in handy. Thin eyelashes open the look, make it light, unencumbered. Perhaps this is the most important fashion trend of the current season. Be sure to take note of it.

So, how does the master choose the curl for each client?

  • Based on the wishes of the client.
  • Depending on what the appearance dictates (the cut of the eyes, the fit — deep / close-set, small / large) and the rules of modeling.
  • Based on the curling of the client's native eyelashes (eyelashes with a curl, straight or looking down).

Naturalness is the trend of 2022, and it is not always possible to achieve the naturalness of eyelash extensions. In this case, it is better to use a eyelash growth serum. Toplash serum helps to increase eyelashes by 2 times. They become bulkier and healthier. Eyelashes grown with the help of serum do not differ from the extended eyelashes, but at the same time it is good for eyelashes. They become healthier, and receive additional protection.

Toplash serum helps to increase eyelashes by 2 times

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


Are eyelash extensions still popular 2022?

The 2022 season has introduced new trends in all fashion trends: from clothing to makeup. The changes also affected the field of eyelash extensions: some techniques have taken strong positions in the anti-trend rating, while others, on the contrary, have become leaders in the beauty industry.

Every master should remember that regardless of the trends of fashion, it is important to pay attention to the preferences of the client: if he suits or just likes this or that effect when building up, you should not convince him otherwise, claiming that it is no longer fashionable. If everyone follows trends, it will be difficult to distinguish people — they will be very similar, but everyone is an individual who has the right to use any style and image.

Masters should be prepared for the fact that this season the palm of the championship will be given to the natural effect when building up, as well as those techniques through which naturalness can be achieved. This concerns the shape of the eyelashes: many have abandoned extreme and broken bends, as well as excessive hair length. The main preferences of clients are eyelashes, the length of which corresponds to natural hairs, as well as the rejection of density. In 2022, it is better to buy eyelashes from 6 to 11 mm long. Long length is not fashionable.

The main preferences of clients are eyelashes, the length of which corresponds to natural hairs


Sep 30, 2022