Long lush eyelashes are the dream of any girl. But do not rush to increase them until you have tried to strengthen and activate the growth of your own. This is quite real; you will only need a little patience.

A variety of means for the growth of eyelashes have recently become very popular

Recently, various means for the growth, strengthening, restoration, and lengthening of eyelashes have become very popular. The grown-up ones are increasingly being abandoned, as they make their own ones very heavy, forcing them to gradually fall out. A variety of means for the growth of eyelashes have recently become very popular. Pharmacies and cosmetic brands can offer us several varieties of such a miracle remedy: gels, serums and even mascara. However, what are such miracle remedies good for?

Peptides and caffeine can also be found among the active ingredients

The cosmetologist told what components make serums work for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows and how to choose the right one. It turns out that a remedy for 300 rubles can be more effective than a bottle for 12 thousand.

The cosmetologist Brenda M. Heim explained that popular substances that stimulate hair growth are synthetic analogues of prostaglandins — bimatoprost and kareprost. Peptides and caffeine can also be found among the active ingredients.

Brenda M. Heim recommends serums with peptides, as their effectiveness has been clinically proven. Eyelashes and eyebrows can only grow to a certain length, which, in a sense, is set by nature. The length of the eyelashes depends on the number of so-called ciliated papillae. And the active substance increases the number of these papillae and irritates the hair cells, which allows you to increase the length of the eyelashes and their density.

The cosmetologist added that prostaglandins in the serum are prohibited for people with ophthalmic diseases, as well as pregnant and lactating women.

“The serum should be applied every day, applying it with a thin applicator or brush along the ciliary edge of the eyelid and over the entire area of the eyebrows. The result will not appear the next day, but after a couple of months the hairs will become more, and they themselves will become longer.

Active substances make the hairs more pigmented, and due to the extended growth phase — longer. However, this applies only to those hairs that have been fed with serum, which means that the tool must be used constantly” writes Brenda M. Heim.

“The serum can be used continuously or in courses of several weeks. At the same time, the cost of the product does not say anything about its effectiveness — it is important that the specified substances are in the composition, and their concentration should be high.

Special attention should be paid to the side effects of eyelash serum
Active substances make the hairs more pigmented

Of course, special attention should be paid to the side effects of eyelash serum. Naturally, another cosmetic product, serum can also have negative sides. The most common side effects:

  • allergic reaction to eyelash serum (itching, redness, peeling)
  • decreased intraocular pressure
  • vascular mesh on the eyelids and darkening of the skin of the eyelash growth line

But side effects are rather an exception to the rule. Most serums have passed strict quality and safety checks. The eye doctor advises choosing a serum by composition, not by action. At the beginning, look through all the ingredients, and remember if you are allergic to one of the components. Plus, if you are afraid of a negative effect, you can first check the serum. Apply a little of the product on your hand and wait. If there is no redness or other allergic reactions, then you can safely use it on your eyelashes. In addition, it is better to choose serums with a natural composition. For example, Toplash serum is not only effective, but also natural, and therefore safe. It passed all the clinical tests. So the best serum for eyelash growth is the one that is used correctly, according to the instructions. Especially carefully read the contraindications, which can turn into unpleasant consequences. There is no shortage of serums in the modern beauty industry market, so ratings and tops will be your advisers here”.

Allergies can be caused not only by the main component, but also by the presence of essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins

What Are the Side Effects?

“So, in order to understand whether it is worth using a serum for the growth of eyebrows and eyebrows, you should look at the main eyelash serum side effects. Prostaglandins or eyelash growth agents can cause inflammation. By itself, inflammation is harmless, but a long process can lead to dermatitis or allergic conjunctivitis, so pay attention to your feelings after using eyelash products.

Allergies can be caused not only by the main component, but also by the presence of essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins. Therefore, it is worth carefully reading the composition of the funds, especially if you are allergic to cosmetics.

You can take castor oil and add a few drops to your mascara. This will help to improve the condition of the eyelashes and will not entail negative consequences.

In addition to allergies, eyelash growth products can cause a decrease in intraocular pressure, which can disrupt the pressure in the eyeball and metabolic processes in the optic nerve. If you have a burning sensation in the eye or pigmentation in the eyeball (which is already worse), then immediately consult a doctor. There may be serious consequences.

The last common eyelash serum side effect is vascular mesh on the eyelids. The fact is that the skin on the eyelids is very thin and the means for the growth of eyelashes can dilate the vessels that you will see on your eyelids. Not very dangerous, but undesirable.

Toplash is based on natural ingredients, there is nothing superfluous

Of course, from the first glance it may seem that the list is large. But there is no need to be afraid. As a rule, side effects are individual difficulties. Most people do not suffer from such problems. And I want to emphasize separately that if you choose serums where the composition is natural, then you can avoid problems. Natural ingredients are better tolerated than chemical additives. For example, I like the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Toplash. It is based on natural ingredients, there is nothing superfluous. In addition, it is very important to follow all the recommendations. Each eyelash serum is accompanied by instructions for use, and there is a method of use and all additional recommendations. You should strictly follow the rules”, says cosmetologist Brenda M. Heim.

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


Prescription vs. Over the Counter Serums

Many people do not understand why an eyelash serum is needed, if along with it there are a lot of other restorative, strengthening and growth-stimulating agents. In fact, there are serious differences between them. Serum (good, high-quality, effective) is a cross between medicine and cosmetics.

Many do not bother to study the packaging of the purchased product. For them, the main thing is its popularity and a lot of positive reviews. And what to poison yourself with — it's better not to think about it, so as not to get upset once again. Completely wrong approach to the case. Be sure to find out before purchasing the composition of the serum for eyelashes, which may contain both useful ingredients and not so much.

So, should I buy an eyelash serum with or without a prescription? The recipe for the serum is not needed, you can study the composition yourself and understand whether you want to take risks using a certain remedy or not. Choose the serums that you can afford and go to the pharmacy. Eyelash serums can be bought in pharmacies, ordered in online stores or made with your own hands at home. The main thing is that they act and justify the hopes placed on them.

Long, voluminous, gorgeous eyelashes are every woman's dream, and with these means it is possible to achieve it in just a few weeks without resorting to drastic measures in the form of extensions.

Long, voluminous, gorgeous eyelashes are every woman's dream


Sep 1, 2022