Organic Castor Oils For Lash Growth

Luxurious eyelashes that make the look attractive are the dream of every representative of the fair sex. If natural eyelashes are devoid of lush volume, faded or short, decorative cosmetics and innovative developments of the lash industry come to the aid of the fair sex. However, by increasing, twisting and tinting eyelashes, many girls forget about the need for careful care.

Such a careless attitude eventually leaves its mark on the health, appearance and normal growth of cilia. To restore their healthy shine, splendor and silkiness, professionals recommend using best eyelash oil for your eyelashes: castor or coconut. To get the maximum health-improving effect from such a remedy, you should be guided by its properties and know how to use the product correctly.

Organic castor oil for eyelashes growth is a vegetable oil obtained by first cold pressing from the fruits of castor oil. The pale yellow viscous mass has a weakly expressed smell and a specific taste.

Natural eyelash oil growth ingredients: glycerides of ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic and other acids.

The oil helps if it is regularly applied to the growth of the length of the eyelashes


  • effectively retain moisture and provide reliable protection from harmful external influences;
  • improving the absorption of nutrients;
  • lash growth oil is safe for eyelashes;
  • vitamin A provides an intensive therapeutic and regenerating effect from the inside.
Eyelash growth serum with olive oil is a safe and effective way to activate the growth of eyelashes

Not everyone knows how to use castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, so there are disagreements, neutral and negative reviews about the effectiveness of this remedy. If you use it correctly, the oil is almost completely absorbed into the bulb and the shaft of each hair, saturating it with useful substances.

Thanks to the viscous consistency of the oil, it is possible to smooth out the smallest scales, making the surface of the cilia silky and smooth. After a month of regular wellness procedures, the effect of stimulating hair growth and a significant improvement in the condition of the eyelid skin is noticeable.

Does eyelash oil help growth, instructions

Castor oil is considered the best lash oil for growth. In addition, you should pay attention to olive oil, which also helps eyelashes. Eyelash growth serum with olive oil is a safe and effective way to activate the growth of eyelashes, make them voluminous and healthy.

The easiest way to apply any natural eyelash oil is to use it in its pure form in compliance with such step-by-step instructions:

  • Step 1. Preparation. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the eyelashes and the skin of the eyelids from makeup, wash off the remnants of dirt and cosmetics from the face.
  • Step 2. Applying the oil. To apply oil to the eyelashes, you can use a makeup brush (a thoroughly washed, disinfected and dried brush from an old mascara is also suitable). Smear the cilia should be a thin layer, starting from the middle of the hair and leading to the tip. It is enough to apply quite a bit of the product, since excess in this case is fraught with the appearance of a greasy film covering the eyes.
  • Step 3. Removal of oil residues. 1-1.5 hours after application, it is necessary to lightly blot the eyelashes with a dry cloth or cotton pad to prevent the effect of eye swelling.
  • Step 4. Washing. Morning hygiene procedures for the face and applying makeup can be carried out in the usual way. It is better to carry out wellness procedures in the evening before going to bed, since the formation of an enveloping oily film makes it impossible to apply mascara. The effect is noticeable only if the eyelashes are regularly treated throughout the course of treatment. To exclude the possibility of getting used to the components of the remedy, it is necessary to take breaks between courses (on average 2-3 weeks are enough).

The essential oils for eyebrow and eyelash growth sale is carried out in packages or on official websites.

Castor oil can be bought in any pharmacies
Coconut oil for strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows has a number of advantages
Coconut oil is rich in compounds that are useful for the body

Oil for eyelashes reviews

Oils help to improve eyelashes, make them long and voluminous. As a rule, experts distinguish two main oils, namely castor and coconut. Best oils for lash growth before and after results can demonstrate the effectiveness of the oils. The result comes quickly with regular use. It is necessary to consider carefully all the effects of these oils.

Coconut oil for eyelash growth results:

  • So, first of all, before opening the serum for eyelash growth, keep it in an upright position so as not to spill.
  • accelerates the growth of eyebrows;
  • moisturizes the hair;
  • strengthens hair follicles;
  • eliminates bacterial infections;
  • prevents hair loss and breakage.
Coconut oil is very useful for the skin around the eyes

This natural remedy nourishes the hairs, which leads to their strengthening. The advantage is that it is absolutely safe (in rare cases, the oil leads to allergies). Coconut is a nutritious component and an excellent moisturizer. It contains all the important nutrients, thanks to which the hair follicles are strengthened. Coconut oil itself contains natural fatty acids: caprylic, stearic, capric, myristic and lauric. Castor oil helps to strengthen the structure of each eyelash and improve the quality of metabolism at the cellular level. Nothing can say better about oil than honest customer reviews.

Organics castor oil for eyelashes reviews:

The combination of components has an additional antibacterial effect
  1. «I first met castor oil when I was a student. Then I used it to grow eyelashes. The effect was, but not grandiose: the cilia became thicker and darker. For the first few months of growing, I used only castor oil. Perhaps the most important secret is not just to apply it to the skin, but to massage the eyebrow area with a brush soaked in oil. Comb one eyebrow a hundred times, and then the other».
  2. «Castor oil can be bought in any pharmacies - it is everywhere. So far, there have not been such pharmacies in my city where this oil would not be available. This is one of the few oils that pleases with its availability - both in terms of cost and in terms of the absence of the need to search. If I have to order coconut oil, then I can buy castor oil anywhere and at any time. Without exaggeration, castor oil is a real find for those who want to grow long and beautiful eyelashes. But this tool is not for the lazy».

Castor oil is the help of nature itself. It has unique properties. But modern technology can improve the formula and increase efficiency. Organics castor oil eyelash enhancer serum is a complex of natural components and innovative technologies.

Organic coconut oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Coconut oil for strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows has a number of advantages. This nutritious product is a wonderful moisturizer. It is rich in compounds that are useful for the body. These are a wide range of natural fatty acids — lauric, myristic, caprylic and capric — fatty acids with an average chain length used for the construction and repair of body cells.

Coconut oil easily penetrates into the follicle of eyelashes, eyebrows, strengthens, prevents loss and stimulates their growth. The product also works as cosmetics, making eyelashes shiny and soft. Not being comedogenic, the product does not clog the pores of the skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the product will not allow pathogenic microorganisms to develop for centuries. Coconut oil is very useful for the skin around the eyes. Usually, a strong burning sensation begins from getting a skin care cream on the mucous membrane of the eye. The advantage of the presented product is a beneficial effect on the skin and strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


Is castor oil good for your eyelashes

Castor oil is a rather viscous liquid, which is made by cold pressing from a poisonous plant — castor oil.

The components of the product have a particularly effective effect on the structure of the ciliary hairs. Penetrating inside the follicles, they nourish them and strengthen the roots. The most important ingredients of the oil are:

  • palmitic acid, which transports nutrients into the cells of the hair and epidermis;
  • stearic and linoleic acids that protect against breakage;
  • oleic acid, stimulating metabolic processes within cellular structures;
  • ricinoleic acid, which enhances the growth of eyelashes and prevents their loss;
  • retinol, which improves regenerative performance;
  • tocopherol, which activates the production of collagen, as well as elastin.

The combination of components has an additional antibacterial effect, while protecting the eyelashes from the harmful effects of solar radiation and temperature changes. As a result of improved nutrition, the ciliary hairs become more lush, thick and beautiful.


May 25, 2022