Eyelashes provide the function of protecting the mucous membrane of the eye from the effects of aggressive external factors. Not everyone knows how much eyelashes grow after falling out or building up, which may cause problems with restoring the hairs after they are damaged.

The life cycle of one lash lasts two hundred days.

How long the eyelashes grow depends on the type of loss, how much they were damaged after a cosmetic procedure or fell out spontaneously:

  • If the eyelash has completely fallen out with the hair bulb. Do eyelashes grow after falling out? Yes. However, you need to wait a long enough period of time. First, a hair follicle forms within a week, and then the hair begins to grow. It takes about a month and a half before the eyelashes are fully restored.
  • If the hair was damaged, but the root system remained in the same, healthy condition, it is restored faster. Usually you need to wait a month for the eyelashes to grow.
  • With partial damage to the length of the hair, breaking off the tips, rehabilitation takes place even faster: about 2 weeks.
The life cycle of one lash lasts two hundred days

With a normal amount of trace elements in the tissue and structure of hair follicles, the timing decreases. They can be accelerated artificially. To do this, various useful tools are used: masks, compresses, serums, etc. These techniques and tools make eyelashes grow faster.

To control how fast the eyelashes grow after falling out, it is worth considering the stages of eyelash growth. They are always standard, and their terms roughly coincide.

In total, each hair on the human body has four phases of eyelash growth:

  1. Anagen (Active part of life). Active hair growth is approximately 10-15 days. During the day, the eyelash grows by about 0.12 mm.
  2. Catagen (The neutral part of life). Eyelashes are at rest, the shortest period.
  3. Telogen (Fading). The stage when the hair begins to lose its nutritional properties and is preparing to fall out. In this cycle, most of the eyelashes on the eyes are located
  4. Early anagen (Update). The time of the birth of a new eyelash. The old eyelash falls out and gives way.
The average lifespan of one lash is about 90 days

Eyelashes have a fairly short growth phase and a long period of rest. As a result, one eyelash usually lives 3-5 months, including all periods, and then falls out, making room for new hair follicles.

On the eyelid of girls every day in different growth phases there are up to three hundred hairs on the upper and eyelid and up to two hundred on the lower. They are distributed in different rows (up to four rows), creating density and volume.

Eyelashes grow in different ways, everything is individual. Due to the strong aggressive effect on the structure and health of the hair, there is a risk that it will stop growing. Eyelashes always grow, but severe damage to the hair follicles will lead to a temporary pause. It usually lasts up to a month, then the structure is restored and growth continues.

To speed up the rehabilitation of the length, various methods can be used

Eyelashes grow for about the same time, but you can speed up this process artificially. To do this, it is necessary to promote the restoration of mineral and nutrient substances in the root system, restoring their health and structure.

To speed up the rehabilitation of the length, various methods can be used. So you will prolong the life cycle of the hair, or accelerate how fast it grows. This will increase the natural density and volume of the hairs.

Eyelashes grow all your life. Even if you pull out the eyelashes, they will come back. But no one is responsible for their quality. With regular injury, eyelashes can deteriorate, and it will be difficult to restore them. But you can help the eyelashes grow.

What helps eyelashes grow back?

The condition of the hairs is also influenced by external negative factors. These include poor ecology, constant stress, poor nutrition, frequent use of cosmetics. Against their background, they become thinner, shorter and sparse. Therefore, firstly, it is necessary to minimize their presence so that the eyelashes grow back, and secondly, regular care is necessary. Secondly, regular care is needed. Don't be afraid to try different means and methods.

  • Masks. Almost all masks are based on oils. They gently envelop the hairs, saturate the bulbs and the stem with nutrients, acids, vitamins. Proven leaders in stimulating rapid growth are castor and burdock oils. Also, eyelashes grow perfectly from peach and almond oil. If you have dry skin, then you can add a few drops of olive oil to the mask, as it perfectly moisturizes the skin. To maintain the hairs in a healthy state, you can use mask recipes that combine oils and vitamins A and E. With the combination of such components, the eyelashes grow very quickly. You can buy a similar vitamin complex in any pharmacy in the form of capsules or liquids. If you purchase the drug in capsules, then for a one-time procedure, squeeze one into a container with the main composition of the mask or the selected oil.
  • Vitamins. The growth of eyelashes is directly related to the internal state of the body, which is why it is so important to maintain health from the inside. The list eyelash growth vitamins are:
Eyelashes grow perfectly from peach and almond oil
  1. Vitamin H is found in many professional hair growth products because of its ability to restore damaged curls in a short time. Biotin is found in fish such as sardine, salmon, as well as in apples, champignons, etc. Regular consumption of products containing this useful substance will make the eyelashes thick, shiny and smooth.
  2. Vitamin E – supplies the follicles with oxygen, making them healthier. In the prolonged absence of this useful substance, hair loss may occur. Contains vitamin in nuts, avocados, spinach and cereals.
  3. Vitamin C – strengthens and protects hair follicles from harmful external influences. It is found in onions, tomatoes, citrus fruits, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.
  4. Vitamin B6 is known for its disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, antifungal action. Helps to restore brittle and damaged eyelashes. Beef, cod, offal and yeast are rich in this useful substance.
Eyelashes grow well after applying various herbal lotions
Lash growth serum Toplash nourishes the eyelashes from the inside
    • Compresses for eyelash growth. Eyelashes grow well after applying various herbal lotions. For cosmetic procedures, buy cornflower, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, calendula, tea at the pharmacy. Prepare the infusion. To do this, mix them in equal proportions, pour boiling water and boil over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Generously moisten cotton pads in it and apply to the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Remove the discs from the eyes, let the rest of the infusion dry and apply oil for eyelash growth. The compress will steam the pores, clean the dirt, improve blood circulation.
    • Cosmetics. Cosmetic preparations for the rapid growth of eyelashes are multicomponent formulations enriched with a large amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary for the adequate development of hairs. The modern market offers a lot of professional tools, from which the lash grow faster. The main thing is to apply them regularly. It is more convenient to use serums, since they do not need to be washed off and they quickly penetrate the structure of the hairs. Lash growth serum Toplash nourishes the eyelashes from the inside, so they become not only long and voluminous, but also healthy. It contains natural ingredients.
How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?
  • Massage. Massage helps to make the hairs grow faster. It is better to do it daily in the morning or in the evening with the use of oil. Perform it with the pads of the ring fingers at the roots of the eyelashes. Regular massage of the eyelids and the edge improves blood circulation, which accelerates growth, and the hairs themselves become denser and stronger.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

The entire growth cycle takes approximately 200 days. If the hairs did not fall out by the root, but only broke off, then the recovery process will take about 2 weeks. If the eyelashes were removed by the root, for example, they were torn out, then the recovery cycle will become longer. First of all, the speed of eyelash restoration depends on the health of the girl, her vitamin and mineral balance. The cause of the loss also affects the speed. But you can accelerate the growth of eyelashes. To do this, serums, home compresses and cosmetics are used.

To accelerate the growth of eyelashes is often a very difficult task, because eyelashes have a genetically programmed length. But there is still a chance. And here's what you can do:

  • Nourish the eyelashes from the outside with oil-based products. They strengthen the bulbs and the eyelashes themselves. Affordable, but they don't give a quick effect, keep in mind. So you need to use them constantly.
  • Apply course serums for growth. They are more expensive, but they have a complex effect: they stimulate the growth of eyelashes, slow down the process of hair loss and prevent their fragility. For example, Toplash serum has a complex effect. Eyelashes become longer, bulkier and healthier.
  • Take vitamin supplements that make up for the deficiency of substances necessary for the synthesis of collagen (the protein responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, nails and hair).
What foods make eyelashes grow?

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


What foods make eyelashes grow?

The beauty and health of nails, skin and hair depends not only on properly selected cosmetics. It is primarily formed from within. Eyelashes will grow faster if you revise your daily diet and make it more balanced.

Eyelashes are the same hair, consisting of keratin and other proteins. Therefore, in conditions of a lack of these substances in the body, they will thin out, lose strength. In order to grow long cilia, it is necessary to make such a diet that the body receives a sufficient amount of protein products. Eat fish, seafood, nuts. One of the main roles in the process of improving the appearance of hairs is played by vitamins A, E and group B. They are rich in broccoli, spinach, avocado, bananas, grapes, carrots, pumpkin, milk, liver, etc.

Try to give up flour, sweet, fried, replace coffee, tea and alcohol with pure water, and then the result will not take long to wait. Your appearance will noticeably improve and the condition of your eyelashes, respectively, too. Another important point is the observance of the drinking regime. The water balance plays an important role for the entire human body, and the hairs need liquid to grow faster.

All caring activities for the rapid growth of eyelashes should be regular


Nov 1, 2022