Eyelash serums are entering the beauty market in a new and interesting way, arousing great interest. Many are wondering if these eyelash serums really work, while others are more interested in identifying the best eyelash growth serums currently available on the market. In any case, these serums arouse such interest in the cosmetic community as new products and trends have not aroused for a long time.

What is the best way to apply lash growth serum correctly?

When applying the eyelash growth serum, you should know a few things. Eyelash serums should never be applied during makeup or if you have contact lenses. This can cause serious damage to the eyes or skin, so always apply the serum fresh from the shower or at another appropriate time.

In addition, the eyelash serum should be applied up to three times a day, but at least twice. The process of eyelash growth revolves around lengthening the growth cycle, so the constant application of serum will help this cycle to stay in motion, which means that the eyelashes will grow longer. Applying the serum only once a day may help, but the end result will not be as complete. The serum can be used during the day. It will be more convenient to apply the product in the morning and evening. Thus, the serum will work continuously. During the day, the eyelashes will receive not only the necessary substances for growth, but also protection. And at night, the eyelashes can receive nutrients in a calm environment, which helps to accelerate growth.

The Toplash serum will work continuously

The best way to apply the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows is with the applicator that is attached to the product. To apply the serum, simply clean the skin around the eyes. When the skin becomes dry, use a serum applicator or a cotton swab moistened with serum and run it along the upper and lower lash lines. Apply enough serum so that each lash line is moist, but not too much so that it does not run down your face or into your eyes. Eyelash serums should be applied for at least five to eight months, so it may take some time before you see results. The first results will be noticeable in 5-7 weeks.

It is not necessary to wash off the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. The active substance of the serum works constantly and penetrates into the hair. There will be no effect if you wash off the serum.

The eyelash serum Toplash can be used as a base for mascara

Ultimately, the use of eyelash serum does not require much effort and can be easily added to any cosmetic procedure.

In addition, the eyelash serum can be used as a base for mascara. The serum will not only nourish the eyelashes, but also make the makeup more resistant.

Remember that the eyelash serum is designed exclusively for eyelashes. Do not apply the growth serum around the eyes or on the face.

The principle of using the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Toplash does not differ from the standard method of applying serums for eyelashes. Toplash is also applied to clean eyelashes. Apply the product 1-2 times a day. It is better to use the drug in a course, since the drug has a cumulative effect.

The desired result can be achieved if the tool is used correctly. An instruction is attached to the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, for example, to Topla, where it is written in detail how and how many times to use the product. The basic rules of using serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows:

  • Apply the serum to cleansed eyelashes and eyebrows. You should take off your makeup. The lenses should also be removed initially. You should wash your face.
  • It is more convenient to apply the serum using an applicator, which is included in the standard kit. The serum is applied along the growth line of the upper eyelashes (can also be used for eyebrows). The product should not get into the eyes.

How to use Toplash?

Beautiful eyes should be framed by long beautiful eyelashes. Healthy fluffy eyelashes, do not even require decorative cosmetics. Thanks to the charming look created by the chic frame, shooting with your eyes will not pass without a trace. Beautiful mesmerizing eyes attract men. To achieve such a result, it is necessary to use Toplash growth serum.

The company that created the means for the growth of eyelashes Toplash, pursued the goal not only to cause increased growth, but also to make the care natural, as comfortable as possible. Toplash is an innovative tool. It will help to normalize the processes of nutrition, to establish metabolism in the hair follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows. Natural ingredients penetrate the follicles and activate them, promoting the growth of healthy and strong cells. The growth of eyelashes is accelerated due to the action of the activator and the desired result will soon come.

How do you use growth serum?

Regularity is the secret of success in any business! If you do not notice the effect of using the serum, but at the same time use it from time to time, do not rush to scold the manufacturer. A magic composition that would help to grow thick eyelashes and eyebrows in a couple of applications, unfortunately, has not yet been invented. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the product to the hairs with the frequency suggested in the instructions.

Apply the substance to the hairs and the skin under them 1-2 times every day. Positive changes become noticeable after about 5-7 weeks, depending on the composition of the substance, as well as the characteristics of the body. It is necessary to use the product for 5-6 months: this is quite enough to improve the condition of the hairs. If you apply the eyelashes regularly, they will really be long, black, and they will also curl themselves.

It is necessary to apply the serum to the hairs with the frequency suggested in the instructions
It is necessary to use the Toplash for 5-6 months

Rules for the use of serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Toplash:

  • you need to use this tool regularly, because it has a cumulative effect;
  • the substance should be applied only to thoroughly cleaned eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • you do not need to wash off the serum;
  • the product should be carefully and evenly distributed over the entire length of the hairs.
If we take too long a break, the eyelashes loses vitality, strength and fades

The Toplash lash growth serum is intended only for eyelashes and eyebrows. Of course, only natural ingredients are Toplash in the eyelash serum, so there will be no harm if you apply the product around the eyes or on the skin of the face. But why use the tool in vain if you can make eyelashes beautiful and long. There are many good products on the cosmetics market that are designed specifically for the skin around the eyes.

How many times should I use eyelash serum?

It is not necessary to use it constantly, but after completing the course on recovery and activation of growth, it will be necessary to periodically nourish the hairs on the eyebrows and lashes. To do this, use the first bottle completely for five to six months. After that, you can take a break for one month. Next, apply the product twice a week or in courses with breaks. Taking care of the hair, we nourish them with masks and balms. If we take too long a break, the hair loses vitality, strength and fades, the same thing happens with eyelashes.

The composition of the Toplash for the growth of eyelashes, captivates with the content of natural remedies. With the help of an activator, it is very easy to achieve thick, beautiful, strong, and most importantly long lashes. They become strong, elastic, saturated with color — they are bursting with health. It's nice that the result is noticeable after a few weeks of regular use. Applying Toplash for 5 months (full course), the length of the hairs will double. With the advent of this drug, there is no need for eyelash extensions. Moreover, such an intervention adversely affects the health of natural hairs.

Toplash is an innovative tool

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


How do you use growth serum?

In order to increase and improve the eyelashes, it is not enough just to purchase a serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. To achieve the result, the activator must be used correctly:

  • Before applying the serum, the eyelashes must be cleaned with special cleansers and allowed to dry.
  • A thin layer of the product is applied to the eyelash growth line of the upper eyelid. To do this, use an applicator.
  • Apply to the lower eyelid and increase the amount of serum is not necessary. This will not speed up the process.
  • Follow the hygiene rules. The applicator must be absolutely clean. A thin brush should not be touched with fingers and it should not be in contact with non-sterile things. Ophthalmologists constantly warn about the cleanliness of hands and the sterility of eye care items.
  • When using contact lenses, you need to remove them during the procedure. After 15 minutes, return the lenses back.
  • Applying the serum is necessary 1-2 times a day.
  • The serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows is stored at a temperature of 2 to 25 degrees.
The serum is recommended to be used in the evening before going to bed


Sep 9, 2022