Perhaps every girl knows that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Oriental beauties are well aware of this that with a short but fatal glance can conquer the heart of any man, while continuing to remain a mystery to him. Do you think they all have equally expressive eyes and big fluffy eyelashes? And here it is not! It's just that they have known the natural beauty secrets of our peepholes since ancient times. Of course, you can't do without working on yourself here.

How to take care of eyelash?

However, even the healthiest eyelashes require competent regular care of lashes and cannot do without your close attention.

To begin with, a little theory. When we see a fallen eyelash on the cheek, someone, indulging in memories from childhood, is in a hurry to make a secret wish and blow it away, and someone begins to worry if eyelashes fall out often. Remember that the average lifespan of one lash is about 90 days, and their renewal occurs regularly, there is nothing to be afraid of and you should not raise a panic, unless the loss of cilia becomes too noticeable.

Our eyelashes are structurally similar to hair — they consist of a high-molecular protein keratin. They, just like our hairs, need regular nutrition and care.

The average lifespan of one lash is about 90 days

What are the causes of unnatural loss of eyelashes?

  • If you do not adhere to a healthy diet, if your body is heavily polluted, and useful substances are poorly absorbed by them, if you rarely go to the department with fruits and vegetables, then most likely this will affect the condition of your cilia (as well as hair, skin and nails, by the way).
  • The use of harmful and untested means. Yes, most of the advertised makeup remover products, which include a large number of synthetic components, are unlikely to serve your eyes well in the end. Choose products with a natural composition, for example, Toplash serum. The serum has passed all safety and quality checks.
  • Build-up procedures. Eh, no matter how beautiful the eyelashes look for the first few weeks, after a while we will still ask ourselves how to grow eyelashes after the build-up? After all, most often after this procedure, their cilia begin to look just awful — they become rare and short due to the fact that they were heavily weighted.
To become a happy owner of fluffy long eyelashes, we need to properly care for them at all stages

You can just find out if your eyelashes are healthy or not. Pay attention to their external condition and fragility. If the eyelashes have unexpectedly become short, but they are brittle and cannot grow. Urgent intervention is required, namely the use of nutrients. Toplash serum is an innovative product. The serum not only helps lash lifting, but also protects them. If nothing helps, then it's time to seek help from a doctor.

To become a happy owner of fluffy long eyelashes, we need to properly care for them at all three stages. We tell you about each of them in more detail.

  • Tip 1: we make nourishing masks with the help of oil for eyelash growth. Natural oils are the best friends for luxurious eyelashes.Of course, who doesn't know about castor oil. It copes with its task perfectly — after using it, the eyelashes begin to grow and strengthen and fall out less. To do this, simply apply the oil for an hour, and then gently rinse it off with ordinary water. If you are faced with abundant loss of cilia, for example, after building up, then you can keep the oil all day — this will only strengthen them even more. Almond oil can also be an effective remedy. By the way, they can not only nourish the cilia, but also be used as a natural eye makeup remover — almond oil will perfectly cope with this task. Of course, instead of traditional oil, you can use modern means. For example, Toplash serum for eyelash growth. The serum with a natural composition helps to accelerate the growth of eyelashes, as well as nourishes the eyelashes and protects them from external negative factors.
  • Tip 2: use natural mascara. If you are serious about growing eyelashes, then it's time to pay attention to natural and organic mascara. Natural carcasses contain healthy oils, plant extracts and beeswax, which protect and nourish our cilia throughout the day. As a result, you get not only beautiful makeup, but also care, which is good for eyelashes. In addition, thanks to the natural composition, these mascara absolutely do not irritate the eyes and are suitable for those who wear contact lenses.
  • Tip 3: use gentle means to remove makeup. It is very important that the makeup remover consists of natural ingredients that do not harm either the delicate skin around the eyes or the cilia themselves. If you want to keep a beautiful shining look for a long time, you should take a closer look at the packaging of the product and be sure to study its composition.
Eyelash care in winter

How can I take care of my eyelashes?

Eyelashes that have not been chemically treated, as a rule, do not require special care — they have enough fatty acids that the skin itself secretes. But when a person reaches adulthood, skin derivatives (nails and hair) begin to experience a deficiency of trace elements, and in this case they need additional nutrition from the outside. Burdock, castor and peach oils are perfect for these purposes. They compensate for the lack of fatty acids and provide your eyelashes with deep care.

To remove the remnants of cosmetics, use a cotton pad soaked in micellar solution
Eyelash growth serum Toplash helps to make longer, thicker eyelashes

Rules for the eyelash care:

  • Daily combing. The procedure should be carried out once a day.
  • Neat appearance. The hairs that have fallen off and become entangled between the cilia are combed out. If this is not done, the hairs can get into the eye and cause irritation.
  • Cleansing. Washing gel is not contraindicated, but it is better to choose water-based products. To remove the remnants of cosmetics, use a cotton pad soaked in micellar solution or a special makeup remover. Apply to the eyelashes for 2-3 minutes. Do not rub, gently massage. It is necessary to clean the eyelashes every day, because dust and dirt accumulate on the eyelashes during the day.
  • Care products. The richer and more nutritious the serum and conditioner compositions that you use, the faster you can heal your eyelashes, make them smooth and nourished. If you want to achieve a real wow effect, do not neglect the eyelash oil. Today, their choice in the market is huge. Castor oil — will increase the volume of eyelashes, peach — will protect against loss and breakage, burdock — activates growth, jojoba — will awaken dormant bulbs. Apply the oil 30 minutes before bedtime daily, and after a month the result will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, modern solutions such as eyelash serums can be used. Eyelash growth serum Toplash helps to make longer, thicker eyelashes.
  • Massage. The healing properties of the procedure have a beneficial effect on the condition of the eyelashes. Massage the eyelid area clockwise with soft fingertips for 2-3 minutes. Such a simple massage will improve blood flow, thereby increasing the intensity of eyelash growth.
  • Power from the inside. It is a well-known fact that our appearance, including the quality of skin and eyelashes, depends on nutrition. It is very important that your diet includes: protein, greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want your eyelashes to remain healthy and strong, pay special attention to B vitamins, Omega-3 and collagen.
  • The right dream. It is better not to sleep with your face buried in the pillow, so as not to create an extra load on the eyelashes. Instead of sleeping on your stomach, lie on your back or sideways.
How do you get healthy eyelashes?

How do you get healthy eyelashes?

The main task of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust and dirt, so they are the first to suffer from environmental influences. Lack of vitamins or stress can also negatively affect their condition – the lashes will become thinner and may begin to fall out. To prevent this from happening, it is important to properly care for them.

  • Any eyelash care starts with proper cleansing.
  • If the weakening or loss of eyelashes is caused by health problems, such as, for example, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance or medication, then you cannot do without consulting a specialist.
  • It has long been known that natural oils help strengthen eyelashes, prevent their breakage and loss. The main thing is to choose your own oil. One of the most popular oils for eyelash care is castor oil. It practically does not cause allergic reactions, while it nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes. For care, you can also choose almond oil, which improves their growth, sea buckthorn – to restore the structure of the hairs, olive – for density and volume. Of course, there are a lot of useful and nutritious substances in oils, but isn't it better to choose professional care. For example, the serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows Toplash helps not only to grow long eyelashes, but also to nourish the eyelashes with useful substances.
  • Regular massage of the eyelids and the lashes edge improves blood circulation, which accelerates the growth of eyelashes, and the structure of the hairs become denser and stronger.
Use gentle means to remove makeup

Professional advice:

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How do you take care of eyelashes after the lash extension process?

If you decide to make your eyelashes more voluminous and expressive with the help of an extension procedure, you should not forget about proper care anyway – with it, the result will delight you longer, and natural eyelashes will remain strong and healthy.

  • To prevent artificial eyelashes from falling off from the eyes in a matter of days, do not wet them in the first 3-4 hours after the procedure. And after that, try not to sleep with your face in the pillow and do not rub your eyes – falling out, bundles of eyelashes can damage natural hairs by pulling them along.
  • Always use a minimum of decorative cosmetics on the extended eyelashes and remove makeup very carefully. Remember that makeup remover and cleanser can destroy the structure of the glue, and the eyelashes will fall off quickly.
  • Greasy eye creams and oils fall under the ban when caring for extended eyelashes – they also destroy the structure of the glue.
  • And if you want to prolong the effect of the procedure and at the same time keep your eyelashes healthy, get a special caring tonic – usually sold in the salon. This product has a non-greasy texture, and its action is aimed at strengthening the roots of eyelashes. The texture of the product is watery, and it should be applied along the lashes edge twice a day.
How do you take care of eyelashes after the lash extension process?


Sep 9, 2022