Nothing adds charm to every woman like long and thick eyelashes, but not all of us could have been born like that. And although there is no shortage of carcasses in the cosmetics market that perform their functions perfectly, unfortunately, there is no one who will not get dirty if you forget about cosmetics and wipe your eyes with your hands. Most carcasses also like to crumble, and the most resistant ones remain intact for up to several hours. Fortunately, there are also nutrients that allow you to enjoy really long-term effects.

An eyelash growth serum is an excellent tool for those who dream of long and healthy eyelashes

An eyelash growth serum is an excellent tool for those who dream of long and healthy eyelashes and thick eyebrows. The serum stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Strengthens the hairs, saturates and nourishes them with vitamins. The active components of the serum normalize the metabolic processes inside the bulbs, moisturize and strengthen the hairs, preventing their loss. With daily use of the serum for eyelashes, the eyebrows will become noticeably thicker, and the eyelashes longer, thicker and shiny.

The miraculous serum can be applied to the lashes with your own hands and at home, acting according to a simple scheme. As a rule, the instructions say that it should be applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It should be noted that treatment with this substance should precede application to carcasses. According to reviews, the first noticeable effects will appear in three or four weeks. Naturally, if you perform the procedures step by step and regularly. In addition, the effectiveness of this cosmetics is reflected by such indicators as a high-quality healthy diet and the presence of eye problems. The innovative concentrated serum for eyelashes is a cosmetic preparation that combines the properties of a regenerating serum, the capabilities of an eyelash growth activator and the quality of a mascara base. A unique formula based on high-quality natural ingredients stimulates accelerated growth and strengthens the roots of eyelashes, protects their structure and prevents loss.

The first noticeable effects will appear in three or four weeks

Eyelashes begin to grow even during intrauterine development – the fetus is already developing hair follicles at week 16. Like other hairs on the human body, eyelashes grow, die and develop again.

There are three main stages of eyelash growth:

  • active growth (15-20 days);
  • resting stage (4-7 weeks);
  • the stage of rejection.

The lifespan of one eyelash is about three months. They are fully updated for six months. With age, the eyelashes become thinner, shorter, their number decreases, the color fades.

The growth of eyelashes can be divided into several phases

Thanks to histological studies, it was found that the life cycle of eyelashes is much shorter than the period of development and growth of ordinary hair follicles, which is about seven years. In addition, eyelashes grow slower than normal hair – 0.12 mm per day.

Life cycle phases are:

  • Anagen is the active phase of follicle growth. There is a process of proliferation and differentiation of cells, pigmentation of the rod.
  • Catagen is a transitional phase. It can last for several days, characterized by apoptosis – natural death and decay of cells.
  • Telogen is a resting phase that lasts 100 days – half of the entire life cycle. Practically no processes take place during this period. The completion of telogen is characterized by the development of exogen – the stage of loss of old eyelashes.
  • Phalogen is the phase of the development of new eyelashes.

The growth of eyelashes can be divided into several phases. Since it takes time for the hairs to grow, you will need to apply the serum for about eight weeks to make the eyelashes noticeably longer, thicker and darker. But the first results can be noticed already 4 weeks after regular use. When you are in maintenance mode, you can do without using the serum four times a week. Nevertheless, consistency and regularity are the key here.

Even if you use the most expensive and good serum, applying it every day, there will be no instant effect. The means for the growth of eyelashes need time to show at least some result. And the amount of time depends on how your body reacts to the product: someone will see growth in a month, and someone will not notice the difference in three months.

The product can be used in two ways. If you need to restore eyelashes and activate the growth of eyelashes, then the serum is applied daily before going to bed. The second method is applying as a base for mascara. The serum protects the eyelashes from damage and the mascara is easier to apply. If you use the serum as a base for mascara, then you can use it daily in the morning during makeup application. It doesn't matter when you apply the serum. The main thing is to make sure that the eyelashes are clean.

The serum protects the eyelashes from damage

Lash boost

Extensions, lengthening mascara, powdering eyelashes before applying makeup... These and other tricks are used by millions of girls and women trying to make their eyelashes visually longer. But what if none of the above gives the desired effect? The answer is simple: apply a serum for eyelash growth.

Serums that stimulate the growth of eyelashes are produced by many cosmetic brands. They are sold in tubes like those in which ink is packed. They are a liquid mixture of various components.

To achieve a quick result, it is recommended to apply the serum to the eyelashes in the morning and evening. But you need to use this cosmetic product regularly, not sporadically. You can also apply a serum before applying mascara to your eyelashes.

However, when using a cosmetic product, you should not rely solely on its miraculous properties. It is also important to eat right, including vitamins in the diet and protect the lashes from direct sunlight.

To achieve a quick result, it is recommended to apply the serum to the eyelashes in the morning and evening
Important to  protect the lashes from direct sunlight

After 6-7 weeks of using the serum, the eyelashes become bulkier, longer and stronger, therefore, special attention should be paid to this remedy to those women who, with each removal of the make-up, find several fallen eyelashes on the cotton pad.

Toplash serum is a new breakthrough in the world of cosmetology. Specially selected natural composition provides intensive nutrition and strengthening of the roots of eyelashes, prolonging their life cycle and promoting active growth. The use of the serum allows you to naturally increase the length and volume of eyelashes, make them brighter and thicker in just 3-4 weeks. The result is comparable to the effect of false eyelashes. It can be used for eyebrows. The serum for eyelashes growth Toplash is an innovative product developed on the basis of the latest scientific achievements. The brush carefully separates and lifts the eyelashes, and the gentle base takes care of them from the roots to the tips.

An amazing effect is achieved already as a result of the first application. After several weeks of regular use of Toplash serum, your eyelashes will become noticeably longer, thicker and stronger, and, consequently, will fall out less when removing makeup from the eyes. The serum is enriched with specially selected components that provide professional care.

Toplash eyelash growth serum, according to manufacturers, accelerates cellular metabolism, which allows eyelashes to grow faster by an average of 17%. Using the product for one to two months daily (1-2 times a day), it is possible to ensure that the eyelashes become stronger and longer. The serum is also suitable for eyebrows.

According to the reviews of women, this is a very effective tool and they use it with pleasure.

If you need more volume, it is better to take a Toplash XL

It is noted that if you apply a serum for eyelash growth before applying mascara, then the mascara lies flatter, the eyelashes look thicker. That is, the tool plays the role of a kind of base. To use the serum as a base for mascara: apply to dry, cleansed eyelashes before applying mascara.

For use as a regenerating serum: it is recommended to apply to cleansed eyelashes daily before going to bed.

The serum is concentrated, so it is very economical to use. If you need more volume, it is better to take a Toplash XL. Such a volume is enough for a long time, and you will not worry that the remedy will end at the most inopportune moment.

Taking eyelash care becomes a key point in stimulating the growth of eyelashes. Remember that a stable and visible result can be achieved only with proper use of the serum. Rules for the use of serums are:

  • Apply the product to clean, dry skin of the eyelids (moisture from the skin can drain together with the product into the eye)
  • Avoid contact with the mucous membrane of the eye
  • Apply the cream to the skin of the eyelids until the product is completely absorbed, and this is at least 15 minutes (it is not known how the cream and the drug can interact)
  • Use a sterile applicator every time (poking a brush in the eyes and then sticking it back is a direct way to create a greenhouse for bacteria)
  • Apply the product strictly along the line of eyelash growth (the product that awakens hair follicles wakes up the bulbs indiscriminately. Smeared the cheek — get ready to take a razor from a man)
  • Apply the product with clean hands
  • Remove contact lenses before applying the serum (everything is clear here)
  • Do not apply more than one dose of the drug at a time (I mean, do not try to smear your eyes with a thick layer of serum in the hope that more is better)
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and wash off makeup from the skin of the eyelids before applying the serum (any dirt that gets into the eyes can easily cause inflammation)
Can you use eyelash serum everyday?

Professional advice:

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Can you use eyelash serum everyday?

Eyelash growth serum is a safe tool aimed at increasing the length and volume of eyelashes, eyebrow hairs. It can also be used for men to accelerate the growth of a mustache and beard. The product contains active natural ingredients that help strengthen the hair roots, increase the elasticity of eyelashes and their healthy shine. They thicken the hairs, making the eyelashes look more voluminous. It is recommended to use the serum daily, after removing makeup along the hairline above the upper eyelashes. On the lower eyelid, the serum should be applied immediately under the eyelash growth line. It is best to use an eyelash serum before going to bed. The eyelashes are resting at this moment and are ready to take in nutrients. Daily use enhances the result for a long time. In addition, if you use the serum every day at the same time, it will soon become a habit, and you will not forget about the next dose.

The use of the serum is not limited in time, you can use it daily or take breaks for several months after achieving a stable result, but do not forget that in the second case, the eyelashes will gradually return to their original state. The product shows itself well in the matter of restoring eyelashes after extension.

What happens when you stop using eyelash growth serum?


Nov 22, 2022