The condition of human hair is inextricably linked with the condition of the skin, and the condition of the skin depends on the proper functioning of other organs and systems of the body. And if something goes wrong in the work of the body - the state of the hormonal or immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, it will immediately affect the health of the skin, and hence the condition of the hair. Therefore, beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes are an indicator not only of health, but also of the quality of life. Thick, elastic, shiny hairs of eyebrows and eyelashes — will tell you that everything is safe and harmonious in the life of their owner.

How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes to Grow

Unfortunately, the hair does not stay attached to the roots forever. But how long does it take for your eye lashes to grow?

Eyelashes have the same hair growth cycle as your scalp, so they usually grow and lose their shedding every six to ten weeks. In fact, you lose hair on your eyelashes every day, but you probably don't notice it.

Although hair loss is a normal phenomenon, a number of reasons can affect the loss of eyelashes, but you can also use a variety of methods to promote healthy growth. Experts explain everything you need to know about eyelash loss, including how long does it take for eyelashes to grow out.

You can accompany the application of oils or serums with a light massage

The right eyelash care product may be at your fingertips. It can be the usual vegetable oil that

As a rule, according to experts, eyelashes grow back in about two months. The process of regrowing can eventually take up to 16 weeks.

There are three stages of eyelash growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is active growth, catagen is a transitional period, and telogen is a resting phase, in other words, when your hair has stopped growing and is ready to fall out. The entire eyelash growth cycle takes about 90 days.

But if a person is sick or lacks vitamins, then the growth rate of eyelashes may slow down. Therefore, it is important to start by identifying the cause of eyelash loss, and only begin treatment. Several factors can affect the growth rate. For example, medications, diseases, or stress can slow down the speed.

When the question is solved, how long for new eyelashes to grow, you can move on to solving the problem.

To help your eyelashes become longer, you need, first, to eliminate all the negative factors that can hinder their growth. Secondly, prepare everything for regular eyelash care. At first, try different tools and methods to understand what will work best in your case.

you use in the kitchen, for example, olive or almond. But most often, castor oil is recommended for eyelashes — it has long been famous as an effective means for hair growth.

The optimal solution is to trust professionals who have collected the most useful ingredients for eyelash growth into a single balanced formula based on scientific research. There are a lot of serums on the beauty market, the regular use of which gives a visible effect in the form of longer and thicker eyelashes.

You can accompany the application of oils or serums with a light massage. Perform it with your fingertips at the roots of the eyelashes. Massage stimulates blood circulation, and this, in turn, helps to deliver more oxygen to the skin around the hair follicles, improves metabolism, helping useful ingredients from cosmetics to reach their destination.

Serums for eyelashes composition most often contains oils, vegetable essences and vitamins
The floral components of chamomile and cornflower make the hair rods stronger
Aloe juice includes various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and biologically active elements

How to stimulate eyelash growth naturally

So, how to stimulate eyelash growth, instructions:

  • People have been using essential oils since ancient times to restore and improve the natural beauty of the hairs. Many plant extracts used in eyelash care have gained trust. Their main advantage is cheapness and long–lasting results (subject to constant use).
  • Herbal compresses have an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antiseptic effect on the skin. The floral components of chamomile and cornflower make the hair rods stronger, nourish the bulbs and gently activate the growth of eyelashes.
  • Aloe juice includes various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and biologically active elements. All these substances have a beneficial effect on the growth of eyelashes: they become much thicker and longer.
  • A constant light eyelid massage can also increase the rate of eyelash growth. It allows you to increase blood flow to the bulbs, which contributes to the development of new hairs.
  • Serums for eyelashes. Their composition most often contains oils, vegetable essences and vitamins. In fact, these are all the same homemade mixes, only prepared and packaged in a convenient format with a brush for application.
  • Nourishing gels that strengthen and accelerate hair growth are usually used before and after applying mascara. In the first case, they protect the hairs, because cosmetics (in particular, waterproof) can dry the eyelashes. The gel helps to create a barrier and nourish the bristles with vitamins throughout the day.
Castor oil contains many nutrients that make eyelashes thicker and longer

In addition to cosmetic procedures for the growth of eyelashes at home, it is also important to monitor your diet. The growth of eyelashes, as well as hair, directly depends on how much useful and nutritious substances we receive during the day. If there is no serious thinning of the eyelashes, it is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, adjust the diet. When the body does not receive the nutrients it needs, first of all it affects the hair and skin, because the vital organs - the heart, liver, lungs — the body strives to preserve. Make sure that the diet is varied, rich in vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein (eyelashes and eyebrows, like hair, are 70% protein), healthy carbohydrates, fatty vegetable oils, foods rich in fiber. I would especially like to note that vegetable proteins are absorbed by the body much worse than animal proteins, so vegetarianism, as a kind of protein starvation, cannot but cause negative changes in the body, including in the condition of the skin and hair.

It is important to follow a healthy balanced diet:

  • Proteins: eggs, lean meat, chicken, cheese, dairy products
  • Healthy fats: olive oil, avocado, nuts
  • Greens and vegetables: beans, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and others
  • Fresh fruits and berries

You can add vitamins that stimulate hair growth to your meal. Today there are many vitamin complexes specifically for hair growth. It is also good to include omega 3, vitamin E, and biotin in your diet.

It is also important to choose the right mascara, avoiding fakes. And, of course, do not forget to carefully and carefully remove makeup from your eyes every evening.

Stimulate eyelash growth naturally is not only an effective, but also a safe way. Natural ingredients help to activate the growth of eyelashes. They grow up healthy.

The gel helps to create a barrier and nourish the bristles with vitamins throughout the day.

But modern technologies do not stand still, so you can help nature. Many means combine the power of nature and the achievements of science. For example, Toplash is the best serum for stimulate eyelash growth. It contains only natural ingredients, but the effect has been improved with the help of modern technologies. The serum not only helps to activate the growth of eyelashes, but also makes them beautiful and strong. Toplash helps to restore eyelashes even after extension.

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


Eyelash stimulating growth ingredients

It is possible to help the eyelashes with the help of natural substances that penetrate the structure of the hair, make the eyelashes long, voluminous and healthy.

  • Castor oil contains many nutrients that make eyelashes thicker and longer. This oil also has a beneficial effect on the hair follicle. And if you add other oils with antioxidants to it, it will only enhance the effect.
  • Shea butter perfectly nourishes the hair, strengthens the hair follicle and accelerates the growth of eyelashes. In addition, this oil contains an excellent amount of vitamin A and E.
  • Vaseline is great for making eyelashes thick and lush. Just apply a little vaseline to the eyelashes with a cotton swab and leave overnight.
  • Green tea contains many antioxidants that stimulate the growth of eyelashes.
  • How to grow eyelashes quickly and easily? Of course, with the help of vitamin E. Open the capsule and apply the contents to the eyelashes with a cotton swab. You can leave it for 3-4 hours or overnight. Apply once a day. The antioxidants contained in vitamin E improve blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the growth of the hair follicle.


May 25, 2022