When we see someone with super-long eyelashes, we immediately think that this is an effect after extension or lamination, right? However, today the cosmetic market offers dozens of excellent products with a good composition, allowing you not to resort to salon procedures.

Special serums for eyelashes are enriched with substances that stimulate growth and give strength.

Special serums for eyelashes are enriched with substances that stimulate growth and give strength

All of them are quite easy to use. After removing makeup and cleansing your face, you only need to apply the serum along the eyelash growth line. The lash lift can be noticed in 10 days. If you have sensitive skin, test the product on another area first. You should also be careful when wearing contact lenses.

Eyelash growth serums are one of the few beauty products that sound too good to be true. Is it really possible to make eyelashes grow thicker and longer so that the effect is like after using high-quality mascara or eyelash extensions? To find out, you need to figure out how eyelashes grow, and what can influence this process.

Is it really possible to make eyelashes grow thicker and longer?

Eyelashes, like all hairs on the human body, grow according to a certain pattern. There are three phases of growth: anagen (actually, the phase of eyelash growth), catagen (transitional) and telogen (rest).

The anagen phase lasts on average from 4 to 6 weeks. All this time, the eyelashes are actively growing. The next phase is catagen. During it, the eyelashes reach their maximum length, after which the hair follicles begin to gradually shrink. This part of the cycle takes from 2 to 3 weeks. And the last phase is telogen, this is a period of rest. It may take about 100 days before the eyelash naturally falls out. Each individual eyelash goes through all three stages of growth at different times. On average, the natural replacement of the eyelash fan takes 4-8 months.

The best eyelash growth serum must affect the growth cycle

Today, more and more cosmetics brands are producing products aimed at increasing the growth and density of eyelashes. But the truth is that most of them don't work. Others do not give quick, noticeable results, but contain nutrients that strengthen the eyelashes over time, making them more elastic and strong and thus less prone to breakage. The best eyelash growth serum must affect the growth cycle.

Today there are several such drugs. But the formula of each of them is based on the active substance. It can really prolong the growth phase of eyelashes and thereby increase their natural length. Although such serums are effective, there are certain nuances that should definitely be taken into account by those who want to increase the length and thickness of eyelashes. The drugs should be applied to the hairs daily before going to bed. And it is necessary to do it strictly along the line of eyelash growth. Eyelashes are a dead structure, and applying anything to their core will have no effect on the growth cycle. It may take months before you see the results.

When choosing an eyelash serum, pay attention to a number of features:

  • The purpose of the purchase and the expected effect – to strengthen and maintain the strength of eyelashes, a preparation with a vitamin complex will be enough, and to prevent loss and stimulate growth, choose a more powerful therapeutic serum.
  • The content of hormonal substances – the growth rate and the effect itself, but also the possible consequences, will depend on this criterion.
  • The type of action is nutritious, therapeutic or strengthening.
  • Possible allergic reactions – read the instructions to avoid intolerance to the components.
  • Contraindications – some serums are not recommended for use when wearing lenses, during pregnancy, etc.

In any case, carefully read the instructions and apply the serum, following the manufacturer's recommendations. This way you can avoid negative consequences.

Some serums are not recommended for during pregnancy

Extended eyelashes are no longer so popular. Users realized that it is much better and more convenient to grow their natural eyelashes. Even celebrities choose serums for eyelash growth. Millions of girls want to be like the Kardashian sisters. Many consider Kim a trendsetter. And there is some truth in this, because the star likes to share her favorite beauty products, fashionable images and other aspects of her luxury life. For example, recently a girl revealed the secret of her long and thick eyelashes. Kim Kardashian regularly applies an eyelash serum. She uses the serum before going to bed and as a base for mascara. Kardashian chooses serums with a good composition. Toplash serum is an innovative breakthrough in cosmetology. The eyelash growth product helps to increase the length by 2-3 times. In addition, the serum increases the volume and makes the eyelashes shiny.

Extended eyelashes are no longer so popular
Toplash serum is an innovative breakthrough in cosmetology

Choosing an eyelash serum

There are so many serums on the cosmetics market that promise to make eyelashes long and voluminous that it becomes more difficult to make a choice. Finding the best lash growth serum is a difficult task. You have to look through dozens and hundreds of products. But if you find a serum that is right for you, then all the efforts will pay off in full.

Many people prefer to choose the most popular products. But this approach is only half right. Of course, the product becomes popular if it is often chosen by customers. But you also need to take into account individual characteristics. Toplash serum deserves attention. By the way, it regularly takes pride of place in the ratings of the most popular serums for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Users give mostly positive ratings to the product. They highlight the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Users highlight the effectiveness and safety of the Toplash

If you want to choose a product that will please you, then you should listen to the following tips.

  • The serum should give proven results. The effectiveness of the serum is the main indicator that you need to pay attention to. The serum can be safe and packaged in a beautiful package. But what's the use if the eyelashes stay the same. Don't chase fashion brands. Look for a serum that will really make the eyelashes long and voluminous.
  • Money back guarantee. A good manufacturer values its reputation. He can offer customers a money-back guarantee because he is 100% confident in his product. If the manufacturer cannot guarantee the quality, then it is unlikely that he will agree to such terms of purchase. High-quality ingredients. Don't look at the brand, look only at the composition. The composition of the serum should work. If there are a lot of herbs and shock absorbers in the composition, then most likely the manufacturer wants to seduce the buyer by offering something beautiful and cute. But the composition should contain active substances that work and help make the eyelashes really long.
  • Serums must be tested by dermatologists. Only a scientific approach to product testing can give an accurate result. Dermatologists evaluate not only the effectiveness, but also the safety of the product. Dermatologists are doctors who are obliged to take care of people's health. They just can't cheat by risking someone's health.
  • Never buy toxic serums. We have already said that the composition should contain active substances. But if they are harmful to health, then who needs such beauty. The price is too high. And most importantly, why? If there are so many products on the market that work and are completely safe.
  • You need to read lash serum reviews. Advertising can be embellished. You can come up with a description. But user reviews are a sure way to understand whether the serum is right for you or not. Many users are happy to rate the product. They talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetics. Choose trusted sources or find forums where people give honest product descriptions.

Toplash serum fully complies with the quality standards and characteristics that the best serum for eyelash growth should have. 99% of users were satisfied with the result. According to statistics, eyelashes have become longer. The natural eyelash growth accelerated by 2 times. The volume has increased 3 times. In addition, the serum nourishes the eyelashes from the inside. They become healthy and do not fall out.

Best serum for growing eyelashes

Professional advice:

Branda M. Heim


Best serum for growing eyelashes

Even yesterday it was impossible to imagine long and thick eyelashes without extensions and mascara. But the 21st century has become a technological breakthrough and has given the world serums with an updated composition. This is a huge find for most beauties, as the build–up is not the cheapest pleasure. European and Korean manufacturers are mostly popular. Serums for eyelashes make them more elastic, elastic, retain their length and prevent their fragility. But finding the best serum is not so easy. We have to evaluate many options to find a product that really helps and activates the growth rate of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Toplash serum can be called one of the favorite means for eyelash growth. A convenient application format is the first thing that conquers serum users. The thin brush glides smoothly along the ciliary edge without rubbing the sensitive skin of the eyelids. The moderately liquid texture does not spread. After the serum has absorbed and the eyelid has dried, you can apply mascara. Buyers noticed that after using it, cosmetics go softer. The remedy does not cause adverse reactions. Already in the first two weeks it improves the condition of eyelashes and eyebrows. On the forum, we managed to find a comment from one of the customers who says that she applied the serum daily for 21 days at night. From the first day I noticed that the mascara began to fall better, the eyelashes were moistened. The remedy is able to quickly resuscitate eyelashes after childbirth, when there are hormonal disorders, a lack of vitamins and trace elements.

Eyelash serums are safe if used correctly


Nov 22, 2022