Beauty specialist Melissa Fisher

Beauty specialist Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher is a beauty specialist. She provides clients with signature elevated luxury services, exceptional makeup artistry and bold color mastery. She can not only understand the characteristics of each client, and choose the optimal tool, but also view thousands of options to choose exactly what you need. Extensive experience in the field of beauty and thousands of satisfied customers.

  • In 2015 got a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology
  • In 2017 finished New York Institute of Beauty
  • In 2019 worked for a cosmetic company as a salesperson
  • In 2020 worked at a salon

I have more than 30 published scientific publications in the field of beautician

Professional activity

  1. demonstrate makeup techniques, explain product details, and answer all customer questions
  2. advise clients on the best products for their specific needs

Provides services

  • Keeping up to date on trends
  • Setting sales targets to meet organizational goals
  • Identifying customer needs by asking relevant questions
  • Knowing the customer’s skin concerns
  • Recommending a skin regime according to skin needs
  • Practicing with beauty, skincare, makeup, and other cosmetic and hair products
  • Suggesting beauty products and services
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients
  • Enhancing the client’s appearance using various makeup techniques
  • Practicing with beauty, skincare, makeup, and other cosmetic and hair products

I ask targeted questions to determine the needs of clients, and I can advise the most suitable skin care products (creams, lotions and serums) based on the complexion and preferences of clients. When selecting each tool, I evaluate several indicators at the same time in order to choose one optimal tool, and not force you to buy all the tools in a row. I help clients find the cosmetics they are looking for and demonstrate makeup techniques. Each makeup technique is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of each client. In particular, I take into account skin color, face shape and other external features. I am always ready to listen to the wishes of clients in order to find the best option. I can explain the details of the product, including ingredients, price and method of use. I look through and study all the tools that have come out on the market to find the best at an affordable price. In addition, I also inform customers about special offers and discount packages. I have strong communication skills and deep knowledge in the field of beauty and cosmetics industry.

Additional education and awards

  • In 2018 finished hairstyling courses
  • In 2019 finished cosmetology training program in Staten Island’s Career School
  • In 2020 completed a 2-year program of study in cosmetology that includes work experiences in the school's customer care clinic and internships in West Seneca Erie 1 FOCUS campus
  • In 2021 earned a Technical Diploma in Cosmetology